Aimée Barry Broustra


Aimée Barry Broustra is a producer, director and writer. Ms. Broustra's feature-length documentary, "The Young Ancestors" about Native American language revitalization has aired on PBS and has screened at several film festivals including the American Indian Film Festival, the White Sands International Film Festival - where it won Runner Up for Best Documentary and the Santa Fe Film Festival. "The Young Ancestors" is distributed by The Cinema Guild.

"A Horseback Ride to the Soul", a documentary short, produced, directed and written by Aimée Barry Broustra explores Collaborative Horsemanship, an approach to horses evolved from Natural Horsemanship. "A Horseback Ride to the Soul" has been selected for the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience and has previewed at Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa.

Currently Ms. Broustra is in pre-production on her a movie about the emotional and cultural challenges between a Native teenager and his non-native father, based on her screenplay, "Bring Back That Day." Ms. Broustra is also finishing a manuscript, represented by a New York literary agency, about the curative power of Collaborative Horsemanship. Aimée Barry Broustra is a graduate of Temple University. She pursued post-graduate studies at Sarah Lawrence College and is a candidate for the Master of Liberal Arts program, at St. John's College.

Kelly Wendorf


Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kelly Wendorf's early experiences were vitally shaped by the natural world around her where she learned a way of listening to the forces within things, beings, people and moments. She uses these experiences to inform her work as a leadership and self-mastery coach for individuals and organizations.

An accomplished and celebrated horsewoman, she seeks to liberate what is already good, courageous, wise, and whole, through her innovative approach to learning and self-discovery using the 'way of the horse' to teach complex concepts regarding organizational change, collaborative relationship and inspired living. Her work, known as EQUUS, is used in corporate, academic, private and organizational settings and is being recognized world-wide as innovative, life-changing and cutting edge.

A writer, entrepreneur, facilitator and mother, she is the founding editor and publisher of Kindred, an online natural living magazine and community. She edited and contributed to the anthology, Stories of Belonging.

Youseff Khoullou

Youssef Khoullou has a BBFE3 degree and has been a riding instructor for over 20 years. He is trained in Intuitive Dialogue, Behavioral Ethology, and Equine Leadership Coaching. During his 20 years of coaching and instructorship, Youssef has assisted many individuals, families, and groups seeking holistic wellness and better communication skills. Youssef also dedicates his time to educational programs which strive to bring about greater self-awareness through contact and interaction with horses. He is the creator of the concept, “Relationships with Horses: Adventures and Discoveries."

Genevieve Russell


For 15 years, Genevieve has devoted herself to the art of visual storytelling. Her work as a photographer and cinematographer is grounded in community documentary projects that capture authentic, personal and compelling stories. Her projects have focused on a range of topics, including health and wellness, community building and sustainability, women in leadership, personal history, the arts and education. She has received grants from the New Mexico Humanities Council, the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund of the City of Albuquerque, and the KUMN Independent Producers Fund for video and photography production of two multimedia projects: LOS REYES STORY and THE JAZZ OF ENCHANTMENT. Genevieve has produced, directed, and shot promotional and advocacy documentaries for Easter Seals of New Mexico, the Santa Fe Waldorf School, Southwest Spanish Craftsmen, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and the Bali Art Project; she also has created numerous documentaries that promote artists' work and preserve family histories. As a cinematographer, she has contributed to the feature-length documentaries STILL DREAMING, MY MOTHER's DAUGHTER and BIRDS IN THE PARK, as well as "Day One and Day Two" a series of videos for the New Mexico Department of Health. Genevieve's photographs have appeared in Smithsonian Folkways Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, the Santa Fean, and the Albuquerque Tribune.

Genevieve lives her passion, putting her subjects at ease and calling out not the crisis, but the compassion, beauty, and inspiration that exist in every story. Genevieve founded StoryPortrait Media in 2007 to create documentary films and multimedia pieces that educate, engage, empower and inspire.

Shelene Bridge


Throughout the past 17 years, Ms. Bridge has pursued a film career in a variety of roles including Writer, Producer, Director and Editor. An award-winning filmmaker, she has proven her effectiveness at organizing and coordinating shoots and using production equipment, as well as writing and editing scenes, treatments and scripts. She has edited short and feature films encompassing narratives and documentaries, as well as corporate and promotional videos and commercials.

Ms. Bridge's most recent projects include: Camera Operator and Editor for the feature documentary, THE YOUNG ANCESTORS, which is available for educational use through Cinema Guild and will air on KNME-PBS in September, 2013; Editor for the award-winning feature documentary, WILD HORSES AND RENEGADES, which currently screens on the Documentary Channel; and Camera Operator and Editor for the Phoenix Art Museum's multi-media project exhibit "BRIDGE AT HOOVER DAM photography by Jamey Stillings".

She holds a B.A. in Art from San Diego State University and a B.A. in Moving Image Arts from the College of Santa Fe. She is a Board Member of New Mexico Women in Film.

Paige Davis


Paige Davis is an aspiring film editor, producer and writer who have worked across both fiction and nonfiction films.  Paige expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the film industry at age 13 after visiting Universal Studios. Paige has since worked on numerous short films as an assistant producer and editor. Paige's work as an independent filmmaker extends from short narratives to documentaries, and even some experience in horror fiction. She is in the process of writing/directing/producing a Web series, as well as working on an animated feature.

Paige is currently attending Santa Fe University of Art & Design working towards a BFA in Film editing and producing - she is scheduled to graduate in December 2015.  Paige is well-versed in post production editing specializing in several software programs including but not limited to; Adobe Premiere, Adobe after effects and Photoshop. Paige has also been certified as a Production Assistant, and has experience in handling a camera on set.






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